PCC189 7ES8 Tungsram true NOS/NIB, sub for E88CC/6922/CCa/6DJ8, one pair (2)


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One pair (2) Tungsram PCC189 in original boxes. Excellent and amazing sounding tubes! These give most other E88CC a run. No kidding!

We have cross tested nearly any version of E88CC/6922/PCC88 etc. that is out there and this truely is as close it can get to the hallmark Telefunken sound without spending a fortune!

The PCC189 is still a hidden gem at a bargain price. It can be used as a drop in replacements for the E88CC/6922/CCa in many amps and microphones. The PCC189 has identical inner construction and the identical pin-out but runs on on a 7,6V heater and is a variable mu tube. Now the good thing: this tube does not mind running only with 6,3V as heater, it simply runs “cooler” which extends the tube life without sacrificing too much output (which is high enough anyway). The variable mu is usually not relevant in audio/mic applications. We tried this tube for example in a Schiit Audio  Lyr2 with great success.

We will be  happy to match pairs, as long as our stock allows for it. Absolutely new, tested and guaranteed.



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