GZ32 5V4G CV593 Mullard La Radio Technique, true NOS, milspec, sub for GZ34/5AR4


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Mullard/La Radio Technique/Dario Miniwatt GZ32/5V4G/CV593 NOS.

Branded Mullard but made by La Radio Technique/Dario Miniwatt.

These rectifieres are from NATO stock.  So these are really tight spec and ruggedized tubes. No original boxes though, since taken from bulk pack. Tubes may show some storage wear like dust, slightly faded prints etc..  The sockets may show little glue residue or minor play due to aging glue. Nothing that makes them sound less fantastic! No impact on vacuum!

This is the first GZ32 version that was produced by La Radio Technique in their Suresnes plant (later on they produces straigt glass envelopes).

The version sold here is 90% identical with the original Mullard Blackburn GZ32  Same plate design and size, almost identical glass envelope. The only real difference I can spot is the getter shape: all our Blackburn Mullards come with a D-shaped getter, while the French made ones come with a D-shaped foil/cup getter (see pictures). Since both Mullard and La Radio Technique were part of the Philips empire, I guess this is a French copy of the Mullard design.

Soundwise these rectifiers are dead quiet and easily on par with the Blackburn Mullards. No kidding!

GZ32/5V4G can be used as substitutes to GZ34/5AR4 in most circuits but please make sure this does also apply for your equipment before buying these. Should you have doubts or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help.

These tubes are guaranteed to be new and unused from old military stock! All tubes test with at least 100% and very balanced!

All tubes will be tested before shipment.  

We will be happy to match pairs as long as our stock will allow for it.

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