ECC88 6DJ8 Amperex/Tektronix, pre-aged, NOS, one pair (2)


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Amperex ECC88/6DJ8/CV5358, made for Tektronix, pre-aged/burned-in and quality selected by Tektronix. These are A-frame dimple getter ECC88 with orange Amperex logo under the Tektronix sticker. 

These are the finest ECC88 you may find out there. Made by Amperex in the Philips Heerlen plant for Tektronix. Tektronix subsequently pre-aged these tubes to minimize drift during the aging process and hand selected these for their high precission measuring equipment. Why did they do this? NOS tubes may have some drift during the first 50 hours of usage meaning their values in terms of transconductance and emission are changing due to the burn-in process. As a consequence a high precission devices would need to have a re-calibration after burn-in. That would take a lot of time and effort. Hence Tekronix pre-aged the tubes so that service technicians did not need to worry about value drift, calibration or over quality or reliabilty when changing the tubes – save a lot of money in the end.

Only few of these gems survived and we were lucky enough to receive a small batch from a retired service technician. No original boxes, since taken from bulk crate but guaranteed to be new and in perfect working condition.

Very small batch available! We will be happy to match pairs as long as our stock allows for it.

Each and every tube will carefully be tested before shipping to guarantee best performance.

We do have the entire ECC88/E88CC/6922/CCa family in stock from various manufacturers. Please inquire….. Thanx!

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