EF91 6064 Brimar, NOS/NIB, milspec, premium matched pair Little Dot tube rolling


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One premium matched pair/2 pieces Brimar Yellow T 6064/EF91/6AM6/8D3 for Little Dot headphone amps tube rolling. 

The Brimar Yellow T series is the high quality version of the industrial EF91 made especially for mission critical applications like measuring equipment etc.

The Brimar „T“ stands for „trustworthy“ and is  comparable to the Mullard 10M branding.

These tubes came from Swiss army surplus and are in immaculate condition inside and out. 

You will receive a tightly matched, noise and distortion free pair! Guaranteed!

Matching is done on a milspec Neuberger RPM375, still one of the best tube testers out there… 

EF 91 and EF92 tubes can be noisy at times in the Little Dots amps. While some noise during heat up is normal with these tubes it should disappear after 60 seconds latest. To guarantee that you will receive a pair that is noise free after warm-up, we will listen to each pair ourselfs on our LD MK2 with super neutral and noise free Neumann studio headphones.

We do have plenty of different versions of the EF91 and EF92, please drop us a line, if you would prefer another brand or just check our other offers. All are from the same provenance and most are burned in. We also do have many other kinds of 7-pin tubes, which you may want to try. We will be happy to check our stock for you!

Using EF91/EF92 instead of EF95: You may use this kind of tubes in your Little Dot headphone amp after changing the settings on your amp. This is a less than 5 minutes job and can be done by really everyone. No expert know-how necessary! Please consult your user manual how to do this prior to using these tubes in your particular amp!

From own experience we can tell you, it is more than worth it!

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