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Telefunken PCL86/LCP86/14GW8 NOS in original box.

This is the original type of tube Shindo used as LCP86 in various amps like the Auriege, Masseto and Monbrison. He simply reversed the letters which is easy on new Telefunken tubes, since the ink is not fixed on new, real TFK tubes, it burns in when the tubes are used.

Why are these true Telefunken? Telefunken produced the PCL86 only for a short period in the 1960ies and only in their Berlin plant. The codes are 7 digit on the box starting with a “B” followed by the code on the tube.

There are tons of other Telefunken PCL86 out there with just a 5 digit code, but these are mostly made by Siemens (at best), sold under the Telefunken brand.  While the Siemens are really great performers, there is for shure a reason why Shindo-san chose the Telefunken….

So, if you own a Shindo amp these tubes are as close as it gets if you want to have the real Shindo sound.

Picture shows example, we have more than one piece in stock.

Box may show some shelf wear/might be store soiled. Tube may have somewhat faded print.

New, tested and guaranteed to be in perfect working condition.



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