Mullard Little Dot MK ultimate milspec tube roller kit, NOS 6N6P 6AK5 EF91 EF92


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This is the ultimate milspec Mullard tube roller kit for Little Dot headphone amps.

The kit consists of the following new old stock tubes:

– EF95 made by Mullard, black plates, D-getter

– EF91 made by Mullard, blue shield, tested and burned in by the Swiss army

– EF92 made by Mullard, tested and burned in by the Swiss army

– 6N6P gold grid from the 1970ies, made in the Nevz plant, (sorry the 6N6P was never made by Mullard or any other Western European manufacturer)

The EF95 are made at the Mullard Whyteleafe plant. On some tubes the code etching is hardly visible, but it is there and we guarantee that these are all Whyteleafe made.

The EF91 are either labled Mullard, Valvo, Philips or Brimar, all are blue screen versions with D-getters made by Mullard (as far as I know Mullard was the only manufacturer using the blue screen technique). All tubes came from the Swiss army. They are tested and burned in. Which means maximum reliabilty guaranteed for these little beauties. Some may have test values written on them with permanent marker. Our quantity is limited so we cannot guarantee that the pair has the exact same print, since we rather select for values and sound than print….

The EF92 are either labled Valvo or Philips, all are Mullard made with silver shield. Like the EF91 these came from the Swiss army and are tested and burned in. It simply does not get any better!

The 6N6P are gold grid made at the Nevz plant. All tubes are made in the 1970ies. We will supply pairs with identical date codes.

All tubes will be tested and selected for close values and noise before shipment to guarantee a fully working condition and many hours of joyful listening. 


Using EF91/EF92 instead of EF95: You may use this kind of tubes in your Little Dot headphone amp after changing the settings on your amp. Please consult your user manual how to do this prior to using these tubes in your amp!

The EF91/EF92 we sell, will more than positively surprise you. Promised!

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