EF800 Telefunken, NOS/NIB, diamond, burned-in, noise free, mic grade, ready for recording!


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Our new offer in 2023: truly burned-in, noise free and mic grade and mic-tested tubes! We can offer EF800, EF86, EF12, EF94 and EC92  as mic-tested tubes, ready for recording. Furthermore we can offer E88CC and EF95/6AK5 also as burned-in and noise tested versions. No more headaches and unpleasant surprises when choosing your mic tubes! Please inquire for your personal offer…

Here we have:

Telefunken EF800/CV5092/6BX6 tube. Absolutely new but burned-in and tested for sound and noise in our STAM SA47 Mk2

These tubes are from the mid 1960ies in the Telefunken old-style white boxes. All tube boxes carry stamps from either 1965 or 1966. These tubes are from governmental provenance and carry governmental stamps on the glass envelope. They were supposed to be used in highly sensible Rohde & Schwarz equipment.

The EF800 is the milspec/professional longlife, low noise version of the EF80/6BX6.

It is the gold standard for the Miktek CV4 Mk9 Bock Audio 241, Stam Audio SA-47 Mk2, Golden Age GA-47 etc.

You will find the Telefunken diamond on the bottom of each tube and in most boxes the original warranty certificate is still present.

Each and every tube will carefully be tested in our mic before shipping to guarantee best performance.

The tube is guaranteed to be new and unused from vintage governmental stock!

Please do not use these in a STAM SA47 Mk1! If you are using a STAM SA47 Mk1 please shop for our gold pin EF800/EF860 which we will be happy to  noise test for you, too. 

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