ECC82 12AU7 CV491 CV4003 Brimar, 17mm long plate, tested & guaranteed


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Brimar ECC82/12AU7, looks new, tests new but may have seen very minor use. Call it burned-in…

These were taken from military spare test equipment that was just sitting around and was never really used. These tubes are absolutely clean, look unused and test accordingly with at least 100% of a new tube.

Small batch available!

This is the version with the sought after long 17mm grey plates and round getters. Most tubes carry Brimar date codes from the 1960ies which are known as fantastic performers. These tubes beat any newly made ECC82/12AU7 hands down.

On some tube of our batch the code is hardly or no longer visible. We reserve the right to deliver either version but guarantee that these are genuine Brimar tubes, even if no code is visible anymore.

Tubes came in a bulk crate and will hence be supplied in a plain white box.

Each and every tube will carefully be tested before shipping to guarantee best performance.

We also do have other ECC82/12AU7 in stock from various manufacturers. Please ask…

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